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From The Second I Wake Up (Valencia)

Things have been getting kind of heavy these days Trying to figure out what road to take There's many decisions to be made And the only time I feel ok Is when I'm in your arms Dana baby girl you've got me missing you all day long From the second I wake up to the second my day is done With every breath I take in Ill swear on every inch of my lungs I'm with you Yea I don't know how to say this any other way but Every little thing is going to be all right So baby don't you worry Because I wake up with faith that Things will be ok It's just for now we sing So far away from home Everything's such a daze No I don't want to go It hurts to drive away Rear view mirror I can see Break lights hit your face As your waving me goodbye One good thing about the road Is that it opens up your eyes It will make you miss your home and everything that lies In your arms will be as clear as North Carolina days Spent realizing who you are Don't ever change Don't ever change Don't ever change Don't ever change