Hoo-ride Ant Banks (Ant Banks)

Yeah, wussup though This ya'll partner B-Legezey In the house wit my boy Ant Bezey The boy say he doin' big thezey's Ya know But shake game though When the next time you do a compilation And ain't got your partner B-Legit On the motherfucker Oh, we gonna be doin' big thangs boy Yeah, Big Thangs What's up Banks This your boy means the greensy Callin' you from Houston, Texas dog Man how you gonna put out an album Talkin bout' Big Thangs And you ain't called your boy I mean come on man I'm from Texas Everything here in Texas is big Including me You know what I'm sayin' We all about havin' Big Thangs Yo Banks wussup Remember me This MC Ant I was one of the first rappers That you produced back in the days Ah, you don't know me no more You doin' Big Thangs Can't even let me get down on the album That's alright Can't wait to see you Cause I know I'ma catch you in the traffic Wussup big baaaabey This Baby D and I'm logged in man How can't you let me on that Big Thangs mane But, were still family and all bro I ain' trippin' I be spittin' Big Thangs to But ugh You gotta hit me up with one of those beats Cause ugh If I can't get on on the Big Thangs Shoot, I'm gettin' on my own But anyway, hook me up hit hit me on the heel