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Dad (Thumb)

And if I never spoke a word again, but this I need to say. I criticized and analyzed you That's worthless from today on, 'cause I changed my attitude, Forgive me father I was rude ! Man I think I made you feel no good The victim of my moods ! I was such a teenage-little brat, No appreciation for what you did... That's how it seemed to you, But I just needed you to take me in your arms keep me warm ! Forever you'll be to me, much more than I show you, So much more than you see Whenever we may disagree, Its like losing a part that once belonged to me In childhood-days I had to be much more of you, much less than me I'd like to be just like my dad I swore, You meant the world to me But something changed my attitude, I know myself if this is good or bad or anything to me oh father, let me be! I was such a dumb-ass little kid, No appreciation for what you did... that's how it seemed to you, But I just needed you to take me in your arms keep me warm! The further I'm away, the more I'd love to stay, Cause I had to learn today, that now I love what I used to hate! Wouldn't it be nice, if we both hadn't changed and parts of our lives could have been rearranged Now it's got be too late to erase the past, Think about the future, think about the past, think about it fast... As long if we have each other... as long as we have each other... As long as I don't have to be what you want me to be! Dad please hold me! Dad please keep me! Dad please love me! But I will never be like you!