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Haunted (Thumb)

I never wanted this in the first place, had I known better, I wouldn't have lost my face, 'cause I'm not a sucker to the chances of disgrace, but I wouldn't be here, wouldn't fill this space. But can it justify to be a split-tongue-guy with a split personality, musicly, lyricly, can't you see ev'rrything that I'm about derives around honesty...honesty! I wasn't made, don't even like the trade, sometimes you've gotta pay in order to get paid, I paid my dues, now I don't wanna choose, 'cause ev'rything I stood for is ev'rything I I lose...don't make me choose...! Haunted by the ghosts I called upon...he was haunted! I'm not a two headed man, a monster in a can, not a Jekyl and Hyde, I guess I never had a plan, what this would turn into; but now I begin to understand all the shit, that the others have been through, I'm not a living dead, with a zipper in my me up to find out where I'm at, 'cause I'm my own creation, my Frankenstein, so check the situation, 'cause it's about time, that someone understood what I'm going through...I'm living through my worst ever dream come through, I'm living through my worst ever dream come come dream come true...! Haunted by the ghosts I called upon...he was haunted