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Red Alert (Thumb)

This is me calling, could someone get the phone, please, I hope you haven't all forgotten about me. Ev'rything is nothing, there, I've said it again and again and again, I'm jumping someone else's train. Wrong is right and right is wrong, can't even figure out where I belong now, but how am I ever gonna get a trip, when I slip and I trip over just about every little thing there is.. hey, I'm not gonna crack, I'm not gonna crack, I'm not gonna crack this time, I'll feel fine and nothing in the world is gonna make me wine... That's easier said than done, for sure, my mood swings have begun, so pure and I'm feeling the pain in my brain again, feeling the pain again, feeling so lame again... In search for the homecrowd! I can't get it out! This is a never ending story, I need someone to puzzle it for me, need someone to solve the mistery of the reaccuring madness, tearing me down into a see of sadness...sad...sad as it ever was...mad...mad as it ever was and I could never see myself sinking all the way, but now I'm too alone to even get away-get away from the pain in my brain, am I still sane? I guess I worry too much about what is said and done, I should shut down my brain and have some fun, but there's a fire burning inside of me, you can't put it out all the easily...burning is living to me, ev'rybody...HELP-don't need nobody! In search for the homecrowd! I can't get it out! I can't tell you what I really feel, 'cause in a mood like this I don't really feel, I'm not really me at all, more like a shadow of myself, trapped by my own mind, trapped by my own mind, trapped by myself, so may the force be with me forever, surrender to the dark side never, I wanna gain control you see, so that the empire's never gonna strike back on me...! In search for the homecrowd! I can't get it out