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Sell Myself (Thumb)

I´ve gotta be breaking up with ev`rything I know, if I wanna break ground with anything I´ve got to show, ´cause if there´s a person in the world that I ve got to please it´s me not you. I´ve got to stand up for what I´ve gotta say, gotta be lettin´my inner light show me the way, to be as much of me as I can let myself be... until my dying day. Cause I won´t sell myself to you... I was never the kind of person to follow like sheep, I ´m not gonna lie in the bed you made for me, sometimes the easy way is the harder way to try to set your mind at ease. I´ve got to let temptations fall aside, gotta be letting my heart say what´s wrong or right... still be as much of me as I can, let myself be, as long as I decide. Cause I won´t sell myself to you... I´m so sick and tired of everything you do to me, say something new to me, like ´do as you please, ´cause I´m havin´a hard time when you do these things to me, like I´m guilty or something, whatever you´re trying to say... I´m not lazy or stupid or nothing, but I´ve gotta be pulling myself aside to stop all the fussing and fighting my friend. I won´t sell myself