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2 Fucks (Hustle Gang)

[Intro] Hustle gang London boy in the building Oh shit By the way, UK Wha gwaan [?] [Verse 1: Chip] Okay so niggas wanna hate on me, I don't give 2 fucks You better mind who you have with your kids with your baby mama get caught I like girls come roll my weed, pour her up, pour her up Even if I run out of money bet I won't run out of luck My nigga ride who I grew up in the hood for real I had dreams bout a house on the hills There's a couple things that we'd run from and that is police and bills Before I fucking die I'm going to sniff up a mil I do it for the pussy & the money & the thrill My nigga it's fuck you & your opinion too if your name is not on my will [Hook x4] I don't give 2 fucks [Verse 2: B.o.B.] If I'm in the building you know I'm screwed up Even in a threesome, I don't give two fucks Got so many bitches I'm gonna need two trucks Lame ass nigga just fuck my cool up Lyin ass ho trynna spread rumors Men gon lie, a women gon lie So when you think about it who can you trust Nobody, nobody, errybody worry bout the old bobby I got 2 blunts rolled up in each earpiece I’ll turn your party to a dro party All about my green like a neo solo artist I be coming off the top like a tobogan I say I don't give a fuck, can't deal with it that's your problem, ho [Hook] [Verse 3: T.I.] Nigga hol' up, I ain't tryna call yo ho up Pussy probably smell like throw up Err body know her for sucking on the dick until it blow up Pussy hair need a lawnmower, I’ll show a ho the door I don't give a fuck nigga so what Matter fact I don't give 2 fucks You and that slut with that flappy-ass butt Fat ho never would get in my truck She could never get fucked For her it would never stand up Hanging out with my balls, like "hell nigga naw" Fuckin suckas now you dealin' wit' some real niggas y'all I can show you how to get a mil' in the fall Make it double by the Winter then triple by the Summer First Benz for yourself, baby mama get a Hummer Get a crib for your mama, pass the chopper to the gunner Its a hundred, fuck around if you wanna Nigga I don’t give a fuck [Hook] [Verse 4: Trae tha Truth] Trae-tha-Truth Gates, young nigga rich Who the fuck you niggas think you're talking to bitch Middle fingers up plates safe, eat dick Never gave a fuck and prolly still don’t bitch Run up [?] Balled on a hater, you ain't see me shoot around Never walk up out the club til money cover the ground All gold chains they weigh about 10 pounds Tryna find a slut that fucks for 10 rounds I tell her go long and ready for 10 downs Mention my name it rang in all towns King of turf my throne is all brown Hustle gang bitch, my hustle is out of order When I'm done with that I get back in somebody daughter I don't fuck wit niggas, my temper done got shorter I’ll WorldStar they ass and play them like a recorder [Hook] [Verse 5: Young Dro] These hoes be calling like : no top (Mmm-kay) Chevy geeked up, eat em' up (Mmm-kay) These ain’t 'gators, these crocs (Okay) These ain’t diamonds, these rocks (Okay) Cutlass [?] we the camp 4 G’s right under this Lam' Tell a bitch I don’t give 2 fucks, matter fact bitch I don’t give a damn I’m the shit with a rifle, lose meat like Lipo I text that bitch, she could suck my di- Shhh! (Typo) I meant she could suck my dick, my truck so sick I’m 'bout to call Wayne up, tell that nigga truk my fit Ho know where I’m at like Low-Jack, yo' camp I blow back I don’t give 2 fucks, but they already know that I’m cool like winter freeze (Brrr!), in London where Chip be I was so fresh in the booty club thursday, them hoes tried to tip me [Verse 6: Travi$ Scott] If I had 2 dicks, I wouldn't give 2 fucks Last week in Magic City, spending In God We Trusts 2 sphinx on my chain, who the hell King Tut ? Since the world made me, now the whole globe blessed up Oh, you wanna fuck me? Need at least 2 butts Yeah, you wanna smoke with me? You need at least 10 blunts Uh, I ain't touchin that cup, 'less a motherfucker screwed up And I'm young & I'm gettin' it, and I never gave 2 fucks [Hook]