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Animal (Hustle Gang)

[Hook] I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating From the ground! I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating From the ground! [Verse 1: Travis Scott] We lost in the world who's feeling safe It's parked outside been in the case We walk outside feel like a mason Another preacher at the altar to tell you to have a taste White wine, go ahead and sip your race And walk in the closet and feel amazed Ain't no retire, fall out of line and we get to pace And we gonna simply reside and fill up the space Took the Travis may leave you around and place it That's a classic, no other way to have it Remember me and my brother slept on that mattress And look how many bitches piled up on that mattress I'm feeling too proud, cause all my niggas aroused I got them people right now for them to fill it It was cool for a second, but now might take a minute Cause now I'm in the building, god damn, I'm about to kill it [Hook] [Verse 2: B.o.B] Welcome to America, home to the gutter, nigga Where every nigga wanna be another nigga Either your brother or your cousin is the drug dealer If you make it out the hood, haters wanna grudge with you As I wander these streets up under me It's a concrete jungly come to me Who runs the world? Ego, money, greed Well, I have my weed and my money green Who ever said that we wasn’t money trees? Anyway fuck it, I’mma get high anyway Gone before my niggas say Lock up in them prison gates Life’s a bitch then you die If you can do you any day [Hook] [Verse 3: T.I.] 3-57 apparo the shit I wearo be Balenciaga Prada, Margiela or something hotter Double barrel your medulla oblongata send you to Allah A million dollars on my wardrobe, Damier on my collars Nothing short of an assassin, garments I stick my ass in Kill niggas dead on the scene, no casket Basking in my glory on the 37th story of a highrise Ten hoes, nice thighs, mai tai's Serving umbrellas, but I knew the perfect fellow So impressive, she would this berretta if I let her Have a blast of a lifetime, ass of a lifetime Swear this dick I give her it'll last her a lifetime A nice nine selling hard rock in the pipeline Put in their life and now they love a nigger longtime Wednesday three freaks, Thursday four hoes Five on Friday, yesterday six chicks Today is the sabbath I got seven going at it On a mattress doing shit you can't imagine, I'm laughing! True story, real talk, that's classic [Hook]