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Blocka (Hustle Gang)

[Intro] My youngin' got the chopper Once he turn around it's that blocka, blocka, blocka! Go hit 'em with the chopper Once he turn around it's that blocka, blocka, blocka! [Bridge] I know you heard me through your radio I know you heard me through your stereo 100 chains on with my fitted 'Bout to kill the game, nigga, here we go And I pull that on me And the Feds got a case, try to put that on me If shorty got ass, go on, put that on me Milli in the bag, man, I put that on me [Hook] And my youngin got a chopper Once he turn around it's that blocka, blocka, blocka! And my youngin got the choper Once he turn around it's that blocka, blocka, blocka! [Verse 1] If you want it with my shooter, then nigga, pull up then He'll knock yoir ass off for a light 10 You a coward if you kill a nigga in the night then Say you gangsta, we'll kill a nigga in the light then Didn't wait 'til the police come, right then And if you don't run, it'll make you look right then God say it's to kill, he right then We all righteous, I'm the other righteous man Righteous killings  do it cool as a fan with it Okay, that is God's work, y'all niggas is playin' with it Manslaughter a nigga, bare hands with it That nigga a real pussy, I was in the can with him Young Dro, not the averager  solid gold damager Y'all niggas sleep, I wake 'em up like I'm Rabika I used to fuck with Keisha, now I'm fuckin' with Tabitha I'm in the kitchen, flippin' this cakes, no spatula [Bridge] [Hook] [Verse 2] I say money is the mission, we murder without permission Kilos in the kitchen, the pot, stove in the kitchen My niggas gettin' richer 'cause niggas know they position If money talk then all you broke niggas should listen Everybody hatin' on me, it's like, who could you trust? All these hoes out here scheming, it's like, who could you fuck? In this Rolls I be leanin' 'em like who gives a fuck? 'Bout these niggas talkin' reckless Just know that you can be touched When that money on the line, my youngins on the line I'll put this money on your heads 'Cause all this money on my mind, nigga And you don't wanna see me shine Nigga, time is money, so I put some money on my time, nigga I know you hear me on your radio Fuck around, headshots'll spill that boy's Spaghetti-Os And all my niggas tell me though Dreamchaser, Hustle Gang, nigga, you already know [Bridge] [Hook] [Verse 3] Hey girl, my youngin want that chain He run up with that thing Even if he don't let it bang, I bet you won't do a thing You ain't ballin like I'm ballin, I guess you don't do your thing I'm a mill' a movie, man, broker deals, doin' things Hustle Gang ma'fucka, all we do is get money I got 100 racks, you wanna do some shit for me? But That crew on your back, Hustle Gang on your chest Make dope music but got other shit to do in the rear You got a bitch, she see me gentle, I be usually fresh Retarded watch on my arm, stupid shit on my neck We both fuck her, let's help her, go ask her who do it the best I pull this shit out her pussy, she still could feel it in her chest Who get most of the money? Who got all the respect? Head light, we get the best, let them fight for the rest I beat you all in the ride, if I'm flyin' in a jet In my 'hood you need a chopper, might get by with a TEK You hear me? [Bridge] [Hook] [Outro]