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Intro (Hustle Gang)

[Intro: T.I & Mitchellel] It's 'bout that time, partner I've just got one question for ya Did you miss us? (Get dough or die) We doin' it for the men of respect (This is a movement) For all the stand up guys and the women who love 'em (Get up or lay down) Nigga we ain't takin' no losses (just get the money) We'll take a life though, nigga My nigga... You've got to know I remember how y'all niggas Stood on us When we were down You gotta know we ain't gon' let that shit go (Get dough or die) My nigga, I ain't on - bought every one of you niggas And any one of you think you've got a goddamn shot at it, nigga Try me then, partner... I've got a back, hop on - we goin' there, nigga To the motherfuckin' tip... no pun intended Any nigga gettin' money, you down with me, partner In God we trust If you're 'bout that bread, Goddamn it, it's alright with us It's the king, bitch Now y'all take off on me, motherfucker, for sure and what it is? Dead time for the motherfuckin' marbles, homie Hustle Gang, G.D.O.D...