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Kemosabe (Hustle Gang)

[Intro] Woa Kemosabe, woa, woa Woa Kemosabe, woa, woa I said woa Kemosabe, woa, woa Woa Kemosabe, woa, woa [Verse 1: Doe B] I blow the check in Follies I coulda bought a 'Rari Pull up in the big body Valet had to double park it I’m covered in Versace I’m Fresh prince, these niggas Carlton Flexin' through the projects Them bitches think I’m 'luminati My nigga say fuck a Bugatti Buy him a Box Chevy on 30's Straight out the dutty, drink muddy, bitches slutty Get head so long, she fuck around, caught a concussion [Bridge: Doe B] Top off on a foreign Ballin' like Amar'e 2 bitches and they barbies 1 on lean and 1 on mollies [Hook: Doe B] 50 hoes in the lobby Chain gold and it’s Versace I’m like woa Kemosabe Big ballin' is my hobby [Verse 2: Young Dro] Top off on that foreign, G4 Jet that boring Pass me the ball I'm scorin' Fuck yo bitch she horny Got 23 bitches on the T-Bird 3 plus 3, that's 6 birds 24 cups, 21 that’s 4-5 That's what I keep on my side If a nigga tryna run up in my house I’mma blow his ass back outside And even if the fuck nigga look wrong I'mma knock the pussy nigga cock eye Me and Doe B show 'em how to rock out This verse so hot I'm finna hop out Ain’t ball, man I'm finna go beast mode Dominating here, getting knocked out I’mma stop now slow it up Rolled on on my 30’s Ask that bitch, I fucked all her buddies That ho be lookin' dusty I bet her pussy musty [Hook: Doe B] [Verse 3: Birdman] I'm like "whoah Kemosabe" I started this shit cos that's my hobby Big Tymer that's my name ho Versaces on my frame ho All gold everything I put that shit on everything Got a ring on every finger nigga Diamonds flooded in this bitch like it's raining nigga Bitch on my arm like a singer nigga Hah, she might just be a singer nigga I do what the fuck I want And I buy what the fuck I want [Hook: Doe B] [Verse 4: B.o.B] Got em poppin with my possy, we ballin like the Cosbys Ballin’s in my bloodline, casa de mi patri Young god is the prophet, young playas stackin profit I made a quarter million and I never went to college Say the flow out here is solid, smoking hydrofonics Even in Japan boy, I get plenty sake I’m all about the dollar, bitches wanna holler Bet yo girl got more inside her mouth than just in gossips And this life is all that I know Ain’t after that, I didn’t miss it And we go hard, these niggas lip but them ventriloquists whisper From band hitters on 6, niggas would kill to get rich And this Doe B, B.o.B, G.D.O.D, we rich nigga [Bridge: Doe B] Top off on a foreign Ballin like Amar'e 2 bitches and they barbies 1 on lean and 1 on mollies [Hook: Doe B] [Verse 5: T.I.] I got foreign whips in my garage Top down in that SB I got plane gas and I see yall And I match a clique in my ashy And Hustle Gang we about that action And all them other pussy niggas just actin And yo gang play, cocaine pay For everything I got like 30K I’m still a drug dealer, how you love that? Love a real nigga, den you love me! We’re out there in the spot, where they selling drugs at I’mma beat the 60, you can get you 2 or 3 50 corners and Ferrari Californias Fuckin with a bitch, you California Smokin shit, you did fo California Bitch get wrong she gon' get left in California [Hook: Doe B]