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Only N Atlanta (Hustle Gang)

[Intro: Young Jeezy] Come ride with me, come pray with me Come ride with me, come roll with me Roll with me, ride with me [Hook: Young Jeezy] All we ever do is rock ice, pour gold Ever since we was bout 12 years old Middle of the summer and the streets still cold Every nigga here got a story untold (Only N Atlanta) Gave it to the free men but they wanted love Diddy said he blew a quarter million in the club Every nigga here got a box of Arm & Hammer Every nigga here think he Tony Montana (Only N Atlanta) [Verse 1: Young Jeezy] Welcome to the city where them lil niggas die Like everybody Gotti, even the broke niggas fly Every night sun, and it's sunny, we in the club Got no problem getting this money, just need a plug Nigga invest more in his chain than in his crib Nigga invest more in his car than where he live Swear that bitch in the club at least a 7 Niggas do it all for the fame, be living legends Shit cost 700, the bottle of what he's sippin' And if a bitch look like a model she probably strippin Probably work at Onyx or probably the Blue Flame An ex street nigga, he called my nickname For everybody going for self, nobody's changed Niggas dead-broke still living like millionaires The welcoming committee, we call them the robbin' crew There's a very good chance them niggas will rob you [Hook:] [Verse 2: Shad Da God] Well ye ain't talkin that belingo And we playin mad while rippin up the Nino The big homie guy light up bricks and they gorgeous You can really get yo ass in jail, go to forge it Feed the pistol right there on the deal say Feragamo And niggas out here trappin just to do shit for they mama We act like some stronger, that's how we start the flaky summer And we ain't got shit but middle finger for your honor And every niggas wishin we the same, think he baller And every nigga in the expedition got a 40 And every nigga round me, get your mind on some money shit We walkin round, we stride like the fuckin government Every nigga run this bitch, you're nervous to the bullshit On that south side, you getting yo fake crap by fuck shit We hit our measure, tryin to get a plane of shrimp shit RIP to Double D, king of that pimp shit [Hook:] [Verse 3: T.I.] I was born in the town where it all goes down Since the roll had the white hit the bluff with the brown Man I'm proud to admit, after housing them bricks Man I'm still a free man blowing loud in the 6 And I'm rich more than a nigga could imagine From where you get from rappin' or from trappin' Only in Atlanta can a nigga get it poppin Off at Magic City, 'hundred thousand in the pocket Only in Atlanta can a nigga ride D 15 years on 15 key Only in Atlanta can nigga get paid Trappin' broad day with a new AK How we ever do it? Pop bottles for a ho Roll on 24's with a chrome snub-nose All we ever get is bank rolls, rubber band round that Just a message so you can get recognized where you at... [Hook:] [Outro:] You know what I'm sayin? A-Town nigga! Yea