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Yeap! (Hustle Gang)

[Intro: T.I.] Yeap, yeap Okay, okay Yeap, yeap Okay, okay, okay [Verse 1: T.I.] I double cup my lean, while I penetratin' your ho Shorty Im twice as raw as you seen By far the coolest you know Nigga you can ask anybody you know bout me they tell ya shawty gon' go I been bowty, you know bout me shawty that four Okay, I keep warrant no I.D., got a couple bad bitches by me You cant be walkin .. with that two lead don't try me Try lotto my auto cost two million euros These hoes all on me like they think my manure gold Okay these hoes be actin' up These niggas be actin' tough Hustle Gang, everybody got rap with us Wanna see I her dont even gotta ask to fuck See your chicken' my pimpin as soon as I walked in She just asked me one question, she said do you like woman who really like woman? I came with my friends and we comin' with you Is you with it? I was like [Hook: T.I.] Yeap, yeap That right? That right? Okay, okay, okay Yeap, yeap That right? That Right? That right? That Right? okay okay okay [Verse 2: B.o.B] I pull up front about four doors I'mma roll up blunts with about four O's I'mma young nigga with an old soul That's why these niggas all got my old flow They get mad cause they hoes chose I'mma slang that wood, I'mma throw that oak I dont call her back, cause I dont owe that hoe I just ignore that bitch like I don't know that hoe Aye,did you know that? Everyday is a Kodak And they didn't know me so until I went Pop But I was gettin' money we before that With your main bitch on my floor mat When I'm finished with her here's your hoe back I told that bitch, don't act like you know I wouldn't call where your coat at? Niggas is freezing Hustle Gang season Goons on the payroll, looking for a reason to create some balance when she get uneven, So say what you mean and do no be misleading Shit the fuck up when real niggas is speaking Cause life is a game and you will be deleted Nigga, you will be obsoleted You will witness the rise of the Phoenix (gang) [Hook] [Verse 3: Young Dro] Kill em in the Benz, kill em in the drop Up my flow nigga hit em with the pop Nigga I'mma rebel slash killer misionary I be going fuckin' stupid, I'mma fuckin adversary Backyard cemetary,where you wanna get buried? Put you right next to the bitch named Mary That's the last bitch I motherfuckin' strangle'd She tried to set me up, so I hung her like a hanger I'mma keep it real I'm a God damn sinner I can hit a note like Aretha damn Franklin But I bet I still snap on a God damn banger Nigga I'll work your bitch like a trainer Hit it from the back, then tell bitch push up Dick on the chin, yeah bitch chin up Trick got bent up, pockets on fill up If your sick of looking at a nigga bitch spit up Forty-five grand on my motherfuckin' wrists I like you hoe, I finna blow that bitch a kiss If she stick around, I'm a throw the bitch dick If the bitch get smart, I dont throw the bitch shit I like doing this, but I love doing that Horse this label nigga need to get on my back Nigga I'll run to the motherfuckin' end Call me Joe Biscuit, I'mma win Aint gettin' paper, Trick come again Bitch I'm besides you just like a sin Ya'll nigga friendemy's ya'll aint friends Hustle Gang nigga we aint never gon' bend [Hook] [Verse 4: Trae The Truth] Yeah nigga money really long Chopper down what the fuck you niggas really on? Fuck nigga you can see I'm worth a million Tell em my hustle be a minute before this milli gone Truth got it on lock no keys on em Push a nigga top back no breeze on em Give a nigga the whole clip I squeeze on em Ice gang so cold I sneeze on em Somebody kill before I make shit freeze on em I don't talk about shit I put fees on em They'll get and put another couple G's on em Make em put them in the dirt grow trees on em I'll throw a motherfuckin' fit This two-door Phantom you aint fuckin' with Jump out like bitch who you fuckin with? Not me, everything you aint fuckin shit I'm gold in my zone keep nobody come safe I'm turnt to the max, diamonds looking like Vegas I ball like Durant, rip the rim like the Lakers I do this for real other niggas is fakers Yeah, niggas better get they mind right When they come to get money, nigga mine right When its time to shine on em, I'mma shine bright ... on em my time right [Hook]