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Just The Other Day (Jondo Martin)

Just the other day you called me I was up and gone with a new lady Couldn't express what I have done, no I was the prisoner of her love, well This is how love comes and then passed by before you turned around I saw the teardrop in your eyes but the memories written in your heart and my soul easily she dropped them out of my world So I was flying way with the one who robbed me from you standing on a beach ten million miles out of this space, lord she brought me behind the stars and Jah sun, showed me how two crystals melt and become one, so Anytime you're there I see you crying you tears them drying slow the scarf is deep and it's still hurting and love is hating love anytime you're there I feel you dying but tears don't make me go cause I found love and now I'm smiling girl that's the way I turn back from you yes, I turn back to true saying Said I am a prisoner, yes, I am a prisoner, a prisoner, said I am prisoner, a prisoner of her love My soul and spirit flying you're touching me so deep give me your hand my princess and feel my heartbeat 'cause I'm happy like this and it seems like that you know me needs my life and my treasure so with you I am home and [Chorus]