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My Party (Zich Karel)

You won´t hear no records at my party Hm, my record collection is long time gone One by one my songs went out the window Hm,ever since you left me all alone Oh,it´s my party – here won´t be no music You will never know just how I feel What do you know about a man who´s sad and lonely If you give me one big smile- well,it´s a deal You won´t see no people at my party Hm,it´s so easy countin´ all my guests There´s only me who came here first and as it happens I´d feel great if only you would be the last Oh,it´s my party – I´m the one-way leader I can lead you back to find the past Then we can have our meetin´ somewhere in the middle And that´s the time when you can be my guest If you let me see you at my party We may feel like dancin´ all night long Then I may change my mind and have a little music At every other party from now on