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Last Man Standing (Mr. Capone-e)

That's right all you bitch made motherf**kers trying to step on your toes Drive by let you go we mob all the time on the south side All you motherf**kers last man standing, can you feel me? [Capone-E] (Chukka, Chukka) As I hold my glock Sur walking down the street and never will I f**king stop Call the cops open shots as I hit the corner Hi power soldiers from California to Arizona Every corner got a soldier straight packing a chrome Bumping Capone in the zone All the haters on the phone Speaking alone plotting on the heat to make me f**king quit Think I got no coraz'n little leva what'chu think You some shit eat a dick When I'm flipping and gripping on you riders? South side to the fullest got my bullets on that Checking next time when you're in the area on any motherf**ker to disrespect In a second use a weapon smith and westin or attack Youngster or f**king vest who's get checked or to the next Who gets rest pistol gripping always-staying strap Capping while I'm always f**king laughing Never the last man standing [Chorus: repeat 2X] I keep standing So grab your glocks I keep standing So f**k the cops I keep standing Always ready to ride Flipping and slipping riming in my ride never will I hide [Capone-E] Be the last man standing straight banging from a side Full of pride do or die west side when we ride Homicide comes first putting work doing dirt ? Was the heard representing my turf from birth never burst So what you think that I bust never giving a f**k start throwing it up On a rush on a ride competition wanna cry Trying not to be on my side but trying to draw me when I die Oh god a bullet to survive everybody on the streets wants me to die Never did I cry, puffing on tie getting me high seeing these devils in the sky Walking by spreading around trying to dirty up my name Aint a damn thing changed bow down to no man Leave em In a jaw but I'ma state demanding All on my own in the zone I be the last man standing [Chorus] [Capone-E] Why you hating on me? Cause you can't see the enemies in the fleece trying to eliminate me On the streets concrete or get branded get every day with my motherf**king gage Aint afraid of the net spent my up coming check with some spense on the place Face to face with death nothing left grab the tap nevertheless I come with respect Fuck the rest f**k the rest of them capone-e's the number one in the West I'm just stressed but I'll never switch sides ride till I die never ask me why (why) Murdering all my enemies watching them die Open up your eyes cause Capone-E's full of pride Bang bang gang bang 187 on my adversaries Looking at the daily cemetery full of scary barely Didn't I see you rot up in this dark f**king blast? And I was hauling my own (Soy Capone) It's for the last man standing [Chorus] [Outro] That's right Ese Never will I f**king hide It's the mother f**king Mister Capone with that E Keeping it notorious ese (oh I'm down) Bow down to no man That's right ese Like I wise man once said Those who step on your toes huh Are really letting you grow Cause motherf**kers like me keep it going All you TV, tabloids, plus media, record label, engineers Do no man do I fear ese Cause you can't never hold a good man down huh That's right And like they said ese It's not about the war of the lion it's all about that courage You know motherf**kers like me keep putting it down and never will I stop So all you motherf**kers remember that Big Capone-E with an E is here to stay And in the end I'll be the last man standing (last man) Hah Hah Hah Ha Hah Ha