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I Once Knew A Man (Manson Charles)

I once knew a man So love he was to be I once knew a man Whose heart open you could see Sadder than a dream Is that he should pass us by Sadder than the scheme Is in the dreams within the sky Lonelier than I Could I ever dream of a place to go Much further than before Time as it seems would be passive If it were knocking at your door Why wonder why dream in a night Why argue hate and fight The love that grows in the hearts of the men that I see Is happenin' is comin' home forever In the path I should wander alone And a dream would not be mine to say And a dream no the dream Never do more than it seems should I obey The love in my heart says Give yourself away The love in my heart says You're loose today Now is forever lasting constant in the mind Illusions with memories scheming at my end of the mind All the time One and one are one if you find A man who's got to find Of the man who lives behind the gun Of the man that lives behind the gun Where has his love gone and come from He is your brother He is your loved one