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Man's Son (Manson Charles)

Now I'm lookin' right here, inside myself I've got my eyes closed I'm looking backward through my brain Thinkin' about what I'm thinkin' about Wonderin' if there is an insane Talkin' about a whisper Whisperin' in my mind Talkin' about forever Beyond illusions of time Talkin' about forever and ever and ever Beyond all illusions Faith so hard is mine And I was just a man's son And I was any old one Of a million million million In the minds of all I see Infinity, infinity Noise has come to my ears From some television In the skies of mind Televisions in the sky of blind Television reruns and reruns and reruns All the time World is just in my lonesome Child's mind, all the time If you had no time You'd have to be right now The world's spinning around in space Spinning around on my face Take the place of a race That's already been won Things are in perfection When you see Things are in perfection Soul to see All is all and everything you Could love or be All is now and now is all In my heart can you see