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Reyes (Art By Numbers)

Wide eyed and waiting, arms are at my side. There is no time for wasting. You've got to be kidding me ... you're always beating on my back. You're always pushing me to be more than I am. On and on once more with my eye on the prize. Looking at the mirror with no obvious place to hide inside. And I'll prevail with the slightest of hands these ships will set sail. And under my command we divide and conquer, the raising of flags will fill the sky and ... We are nothing but relegated men at bay. Brave harsh seas and follow me find glory in the wind. Be cunning. Be clever. And let it show. A thief at heart from the start, cause it's all I'll ever know. If things weren't so dark waiting here in the after glow for you. I am trading black for blue, waiting in the after glow for you. Never found a reason to go on alone. Never took the time to clear my mind . We are only relegated men and we'll find glory. Still caught in the perfect place at the worst of times thinking twice. But now its the perfect time to adjust the line and reverse your thoughts of old. Remember the motions before you carry yourself away. You're now in the perfect place, but you're out of time don't give up. You're not the only one.