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Twelve Days (Art By Numbers)

Carry me, up across the atlas. Let it be, wash my hands or find me in open sea. On and on, surely there's an end to this. I've been left out, I realize I've landed on the other side. Considering all I've heard. Confiding in what I know. Wondering why I'd ever wait so long. You know I can see further than I should, but will I hesitate ending up alone. Will you add to my persistence, with the details that I'm shown? Ambient lights behind the skies burning everything that I recall. You reveal my true disguise when you are breaking down these walls. I am reciting all alone and on my own. Can you be more than I will know? Are you whispering to me, leaving marks for me to find? Will you leave me on my own? I can see it now and it's I'll ever know. Insecurity as we sway in situation. Can we let it be. As we're testing our foundation. I can see it now, and it's all I'll ever know. Insecurity, as we sway in situation.