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Silence (Schulte Michael)

I've been lost in the streets, lost in the travelling zone, And the ground was shaking, the beat was going on. On the wave of euphoria, as a lonesome wanderer, With my heart always in my hand, And whiskey as my loyal friend. CHORUS I was lost in the silence, lost in the twilight. Lost in the dark light, longing for warm light. Struggling to find my way, Longing for a place to stay Struggling to settle down, Wandering around this little town. I've been taking every plane and every train. Time was killing me and I was going insane. Just a suitcase full of memories And goodbyes to all my enemies. CHORUS And my heart was on the run, From the silence that comes with a house made of stone. Oh my heart was on the run, And has now found a home. CHORUS