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Im Not Your Puppet (Silencer)

Oooooh girl, ooooh girl, ooooh not your puppet) I gave you so many things But then again I promise I won't be your puppet I got you coming right back to me because I know you love it I'm talking about this cutie The one with the big-o-booty The one that is thinking about me So now we go to the movies even though I'm kicking it with you I'm talking to all the hynas so that means I'm not for you You page me to tell me that you wanna be with me You thinking about me everyday and I'm your fantasy But hey baby There's so many hynas around and I don't want a lady I say to myself that you're acting kinda crazy To me they're al the same and I don't want a lady So listen baby Here I am Here I go You want me to pick up the telephone But tonight I'm gonna be with somebody else And then I say to myself That you need to understand that I'm not your puppet I'm not your puppet [Chorus] I'm not your puppet, puppet Oooooh, I'm not your puppet (You can't do me like that) I'm not your puppet, puppet (I'm not your puppet baby) I'm not your puppet, no Another day another hyna's telling me she wants to kick it You calling me all of the time and you won't even waste a minute So tell me Baby doll did you really think that we could do this I'm having like too many hynas that's waiting for me so we can do this So who's it gonna be tonight Which hyna is it You gotta be looking so fine if you wanna be coming around to pay a visit Cause I'm the Silencer and that's the way I do it You wanna be with me tonight you telling me you wanna do it So let me tell you I'm tripping about so many things I'm tripping about you So listen cause I'm talking about you I'm rapping about you To me it's funny And all because you thinking that I'm your puppet But no I'm not And once again no I'm not You call again So tell me (No I'm not) What you really wanna do tonight You wanna be with me tonight? I bet you do cause that's what happens every time [Chorus] When I first seen you I know I had to meet you You're the single to your man when you telling me these eyes that I can see Through You tell me you're alone You wanna get it on And now thinking of leaving him baby girl that's wrong Don't get me wrong I'm here when you need me Sure I got my reasons but you ran me off the heezy fo' sheezy I'm not your puppet (puppet) I just want you to love it (love it) Baby thought there's nothing of it I'm teaching you things that you show your husband Acuerdate cuando dijiste Que este morenito no es un chiste fuiste A decirle no se pongan triste No le vayan a decir a nadien nuestros chismes Porque, yo no hablo cuando beso (beso) Te derrites cuando beso tu pescueso [Chorus] I'm not your puppet, puppet No, no, no, I'm not your puppet No I'm not