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Help Me Understand (Williams Hank)

A little girl prayed at the close of the day, Cause her daddy had gone far away, On her little face was a look of despair, I stood there and listened, and I heard this prayer My Mommie says daddy has brought us to shame And I'm never no more to mention his name Lord take me and lead me and hold to my hand Oh heavenly father help me understand You know friends I wonder Just how many homes are broken tonight And just how many tears are shed By some little word of anger That never should have been said I'd like to tell you a story Of a family I once knew. We'll call them Mary and William And their little daughter sue Now Mary was just a plain mother And bill was just a usual dad And they had their little family quarrels (Like everybody else) But neither one really got mad Then one day something happened It was nothing of course But one word led to another And the last word led to a divorce Now here were two grown up people Who failed to use common sense They strengthened their own selfish pride At little Sue's expense You know she didn't ask to be brought to This world To drift from pillar to post But a divorce never stops to consider The ones it hurts the most There'd be a lot more honest loving In this wicked ole world today If just a few parted parents Could hear little sue say Take me and lead me and hold to my hand Oh heavenly father, help me understand