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Ready To Strike (King Kobra)

Up here on this tightrope Tryin' not to fall The spotlight is on me tonight I want to have it all Feelin' stronger I'm a wild beast in my prime I need to feed my appetite I've got to make you mine And you can't fight this obsession It's a dam that's bound to break I was born with this aggression There is no escape, cause... I'm Ready To Strike Cocked and loaded tonight I'm Ready To Strike I've got you in my sight I'm ready I've got these primal instincts These animal desires And I know that you know The kind or urges you inspire It's a hunger I'm a raging carnivore As soon as a devour you I'm ravenous for more And I'll give you private lessons On survival in the wild Leave some permanent impression Make a woman of a child, and... I'm wild - I'm an animal I need to feed my appetite I'm waiting, and Ready To Strike