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My Law (Velcra)

I've been struggling In a good girl straight jacket Time has come to say that's it If I spend my life waiting for tomorrow I'll wake up one day and it's over No-one's gonna come to deliver the goods Do it yourself Here is the clue It takes courage to follow your heart But as far as I'm concerned it's free of charge So tell me Who's stopping you, what's on your way Other people's wishes to obey Is your purpose to make them feel okay? Now who's to blame I'll stand behind every word I say And I don't really care if you see me fail I'll make my own miracles With base hands I build my own paradise This is my law This is my system This is my force my state my mission This is my way This is my vision And the voice inside my head says Let all the pressure out Obey your deepest pleasures Sacrifice the things you treasure Life's a creation I wanna look back at it and feel proud My criteria For good life doesn't originate from materia So if you're looking for someone to call naive You can stop searching have a look at me I say all we need is already here But what it means is for your own eyes to see I'm not intimidated by threats I'll fight for the right to decide for myself Cause if you need a scapegoat you're sure to find one Rock the boat or you won't get nothing done Discard and start from scratch unafraid to leave Or turn back Been wrong as many times as I've been right I've lost the faith but never gave up the fight Consequences schmonsequences I'll bang my head on the wall till it crumbles