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Removed (Velcra)

Put your hand in mine my little girl Out of the January hallway turn Walk on the sun with me my little girl Watch the shadows burn out of this world Unarmed, the enemy is white and smiling Lulling, I forgot to defend Master of persuasion in the name of reason Stretched my lifeline, stole the apple of my eye To think that there's no other way was such a big mistake I pay it every day cause it's getting under my skin You told me there's no other way but you were wrong Now it's getting under my skin And I can't go on Just the two of us my little girl Lost in the corridors of this cruel world Daddy's tired now my little girl No sign of home no matter where we turn Vaporised, this dead deserted paradise Is crumbling under my feet Like my flesh and blood reduced to ash and dust Burn marks reminding me of all I've lost You told me it's alright I hope you can stop this bleeding Bubbling under my skin I hear the devil within Corrupted fruit I kept eating