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Solar Red (Velcra)

Time sewed us together with stiches through our scars Depending on one another Siamese twins with a single heart, we are Little waves softly Keep melting under my feet Little waves softly Replace the air that I breathe Take a look at my heart It's so empty and dark Have a listen to my soul It's so quiet and cold Your embraces were not enough to change me Your touch didn't bring me back to life I never seem to lack inspiration When I need another explanation Brick by brick we built this tower of illusion But instead of completion it has come tumbling down Don't wait for too long Don't leave the light on Cause I won't return back home And each day we'll learn to forget Bit by bit with every breath Where do I end and the world starts? It's all in our hands All I'm looking for I gotta find it on my own Cause I've been building my plan b all these years I don't remember anymore where the lead is Important to ensure there is no room for mistakes In the process I lost all substance Didn't wanna live for regret Be happy to settle with anything that's left Bit by bit I begin to realise that all I need is to believe in what I feel Alone I stand alone I fall from this day on Where do I end? Where do I go?