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War Is Peace (Velcra)

The prophecies came true I witness the living proof The world becomes as described in the fiction The empty eyes stare at me Hes telling me war is peace The course of events fits the description The race has begun counting 3-2-1 Are you ready? Im not a star in your flag But Im expected to stand For the blood thirsty cause of your forces I cannot stay outside There is no middle ground No one can prevent things from changing The battle has begun counting 3-2-1 Are you ready? So run for your lives when it comes We hail you dressed in rage Cause only the insane will equate Integrity with pain Annihilate to liberate Call your dogs of war To account for The hate, the disgrace you will now face Cause we don't believe in the hype about the land of the free Where justice can be bought Count zero The signal is black and white The evil personified Im looking at a face of catastrophy The terror is unified My vote is bought with the sight Of the innocent cries Weve gotta make it right! The race has begun counting 3-2-1 Im ready! I know I gotta do Whats right for me and you I wont give up the hope, no The dove has been shot down The flowers stomped to the ground But will always remain idealistic The battle has begun counting 3-2-1 Im ready