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Day Of The Dog (Konkhra)

Into the mouth of the devil you walk - Like a lamb to the slaughter Terrorized, you are afraid Of the demonic laughter The spirits of the dead keep Watch of the impounding disaster Terrorized, you are afraid - It's the... Day of the dog The devil flies in the threathening sky Day of the dog Demonic laughter as they crumble and fall Day of the dog Watchfull eyes seek a throat to slit Day of the dog Your ways won't fit Out from the pits of hell they fly To torch the sky Unified in death and faith Hatemongers So spill out blood, and earn your vengeance Swift and painful Unified in death and faith Some said the final days Loss for words the deathtoll counting Everyone out west is frowning The vengeance is a mighty roar Won't fix or heal or feed the poor Feed the poor The damaging is done, it's begun The siege of power, subjects to cower The conflict to spread, count the dead Reverse the threat with bucket's of lead Feed the rich, unfertile bitch With blood of the poor, who is no more Violence to spread, count the dead Arising threat, untimely death