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Scorn Of The Earth (Konkhra)

It's a sick sect of God, depraved moral laws Praying to a God corrupt, stealing from your life To one priest you must obey, betrayal is to die His words are the words of God, commence suicide. Damnation is called upon you, if you speak the truth His disciples cover the earth, praying for death Folding hands, knelling in prayer, call upon the lord Take the lives of unworthy ones, our God of revenge. Headhunter, he's twisting the words, speaker of lies Salvation, scorn of the earth, unity is power He is the one, closest to God, he'll save your soul Shepherd he is, for the molten ones, weaker in mind. This song scorns religion, I spit in their face Although often said before, I say it again You must find your God inside, spirit of life Just pity those weak fucks, stay out of my life. "Forgive them... They know not what they do"