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Silent War (Ride The Sky)

I'm crawling out, out from my shell, into this lonely house, how can I go on? To watch this charade in front of my eyes I can taste the smell of fear, hope isn't in the air I want to know and learn how to cope Emotions are trapped inside What have I done? Are there no regrets? No sacrifices? A silent war, behind the door Give me some strength, I'm praying How can I carry on? A glaring eye, from a lie Followed by accusations Why did you waste my time? When words run out, I'm speechless and sad My wounds will all heal in time I followed a path, a trail in the sand That the storm swept away I can hear the wedding bell, the sound is still in my ears How could I've known, I've been left on my own I'm sick and tired of waiting The dumbest thing I've done, is put my trust in you and holding on