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Echoes Of Eternal Life (Dawn of Tears)

Fell my oath is over My soul spreads its wings A shroud will hide your beauty No hope left inside me I've traveled around the world To reach eternal life No signs of hope ravish my soul I'll kiss the wind goodbye I've persecuted the legends Across Carpathian crests Inside of rare old temples They've lost their ancient [illegible] Rumours of Tezimisces Guides me to the old Prague No rests of the vampires Only tales and crazy fables I can feel the pain You won't see the life again I wish to hear the echoes of eternal life In my desperation the rope covers my neck In my desolation the noose slips away ("Resting in my comma I can't feel anything don't where am I there'll [be] no more awakening") The void will turn my soul to none[nothing?] I feel you're dead inside my soul There'll be no more sun in our eyes I [haven't?] found the eternal life In my darkest hour shadow took [illegible] With a cold kiss she [fled?] me Now you've chosen darkness I'll give you a new life come with me I'll show you the wonder without sun On that eve of full moon a dark angel gave to me The gift of [eternal?] youth smiles my destiny (New embraced...) Finally is over the gift inside o' me I haven't found it but it has found me ("You don't know the price of this you'll be my servent now I ignore who is your bride but now I'm the only one") The void will turn my soul to none I feel you're you're dead inside my soul There'll be no more sun in our eyes