Mr. Jarrod (Dawn of Tears)

Betrayed by the hands of greed My beloved art turns to buried sea They thought that I was consumed Into a hell-raised pire And I'm just hidden awaiting For the precious time I'll be back Now all of my talent will show How to face the revenge Know how to learn to taste my Sadic Masterpiece Complaining myself I've found out my Muse again She has returned from her grave Tearing the veil I've lost my reality Nothing compares to her grace Twisted minded behind of my mask My unsouled children Reclaim their revenge from the past Screaming in silence My sons of history live What does your heart want to see Through the mesmerized eyes of the myth? Crystallized time through the shades Of further times What does your heart want to feel Through the caress of a frozen skin? Are you sure that they're not alive, After all?