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As God Is My Witness (Rogers Kenny)

Once in a lifetime the right love comes by With no rhyme or reason, you never know why You wake up one morning and nothing’s the same for you. The kisses taste sweeter, the touch just feels right You rush through the morning to get to the night And then you’re together and it takes your breath away. So, hold on to your heart Lets think forever right from the start But loves not forever it’s just for the rest of our lives. You’re not my first love, but you’ll be my last I give you my future, forgive me my past And I know in my heart, that this is what I want to do. If I had one life and one love There’d be one dream for the two of us As God is my witness, whatever you do Dont change a thing ‘cause I love loving you And as God is my witness I’ll give you all of my love. So. hold on to your heart, Girl, don’t you know this felt good from the start As God is my witness I promise you I’ll be here beside you Whatever you do. As God is my witness I’ll give you all my love As God is my witness I’ll give you all my love...