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But You Know I Love You (Rogers Kenny)

When the morning sun streaks across my room And I´ve waken up from another dream of you Yes, I´m on the road, once again it seems All I´ve left behind is a chain of broken dreams But you know I love you Yes, I love you, oh .... I love you. How I wish that love is all we need to live What a life we´d have, ´cos I got so much to give And it seems so wrong deep inside my heart That the dark side could be keeping us apart When you know I love you Yes, I love you, oh ...I love you. And if only I could find my way back to the time When the problems of this life of mine didn´t cross our minds All the answers could be found in children´s nursery rhymes And I´d come running back to you, I´d come running back to you. But you know we can´t live on dreams alone And to pay the rent I must leave you all alone But you know I made my choice many years ago And now this traveling life is the only one I know. But you know I love you .....