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If I Ever Fall in Love Again (Rogers Kenny)

You, I know you`re everything That I`ve been looking for And I, I look into your eyes And could not ask for more So it`s only fair to lay it on the line Hold on, I`m gonna need a little time. But if I ever fall in love again Sometimes when this broken heart can mend I know it`s gonna be with you You`re the one to pull me through Though I don`t know when If I ever fall in love again. Scared, I guess I`m scared to fly It`s such a long way down And yet, if you`d just trust in me I`m sure, I`d come around And I know when you`re hurt It`s hard to let someone inside In your arms I feel I`m ready now to try. So if I ever ... I`d be a fool to ever let you go You`re the best thing in my life When I know I`ve gotta take it slow. I know ...