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Living with You (Rogers Kenny)

You'€™ve been teaching me a lesson That I'€™ve never learned You never make it through a lifetime Without being burned Everything I ever thought you were You turned out to be Since you gave your love to me. When I met you on a Monday My life just stood still I belong in every moment That your love can fill Let me be the only heart you can mend Turn out the light and take it right to the end Living with you In the madness of my mind In a world I could not find But you knew what to do Living with you There'€™s a full moon on the rise There'€™s a fire in your eyes And I was born to be. Loving you under my skin You'€™re everything to me I could not love you more And you know that you are mine And that'€™s what I'€™m living for There will never be a question Of somebody new I could make it through a lifetime With someone like you Let me be the only heart