I Wanna Be Your Man (DJ Ironik)

Yeah 1,2, Im In Da Booth Ryte Now, Its Ironik Yeah, Ironik Productions, Ironik On The Vocals, And Its Ryte Now Volume 1, I Swear Man, Big Up The Ladies Innit, Check It, I Want You Lot To Listen To The words Yeah, U Know The Deal Ryte Now, Its Ironik, Let Me Just Speak To Them, Listen, Look, Look, My First Love Was Hot Like Jamaica, Didnt Care Wot they Sed, I Wanted To take Her, And Wen She Was Nothing, I Wanted To Make Her My W.I.F.E, Yes Me, We Went Together Like Peaches And Cream, And Teachers And Teams, And Shoes And Jeans, And I Sed Tht, Cos she was so *sophisticated*, On The First Date, I Was Late, But You Still Waited, I Wasnt Late On Purpose, I Swear 2 You, You Know Ive Made Mistakes In The Past, But Im There For You, I Didnt No Time Went So Fast, Its crazy, We Broke Up, But I Wanna Be Your Man again, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Wanna Be Your Man. Look, Cos I Want You 2 Much, I need you Too much, baby you're too nice, Find More lyrics at 2 2's We Both Do 2 Mch, And We Both Know I Held You Down Like A Clutch, So Please Dont Rush, Into A Next Relationship, Remember The Days We Spent Together, From 11am Til 6, And U See You Yeah, I Like You 2 Bits, I Aint Ready For The Quits, So Please Dont Quit It, It Will Be Fixed, Our Relationship I Wrote It, Down In A song, Now U Hear It, Youve Heard It, You Can Have Your Verdict, But Ya Love Ive Earnt It, So U Shud Take Your Time, And Still Fink About It Man, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Wanna Be Your Man, Alryt Youu Know the deal, it's everytime i see you, youu know i wanna be your man init, youu know i wanna be your man init , youu know i wanna be you man init, and if i could sing the courus i would, i want you, and keep all my relationships tight man, its not about loosing the one, trust me neaver that, right now volume one.