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Demolition Dancing (The Ruts)

Something's gonna happen Well that's for sure We're gonna watch from the window Gonna stand at the door With the twist and shout through a broken store But you (?) yourself right into the floor I'm demolition dancing and it feels all right And I'm (?) 'til the feeling's right Dancing dancing into the wall Safety helmets And bootstraps on Well I can't stop dancing Well the feeling's so strong Gettin' all the people moving to the jive Everybody's (?) Demolition dancing and it feels so good Demolition dancing 'til it brings down wood Demolition dancing into the wall Everybody's going to the demolition ball Demolition dancing into the town Don't need a (?) for the demolition sound Dancing dancing into the wall Don t stop dancing When the ceiling comes down Well if you're dancing on rubber (?) Well we're demolition dancing to the demolition beat The whole world's crumbling under my feet Anything can happen when the music gets loud Anything can happen with the demolition crowd