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Let It Slide (Hurricane)

Mondays come and it's way too soon Been up with the devil Been shoutin' at the moon Car won't start and the rent is due Gotta find me somethin' To getta me through Everything's so mixed up baby Nothing's really ever going to change Sometimes you gotta step back And tell yourself You know the world's insane Let it slide When the whole wide crazy world Just spin you 'round Let it slide When it look to you Like you're just losin' ground Don't let it get you down It'll be alright If you just let it slide My world ran off With my best friend She come back sorry Then she leave me again So many people Tryin' to push me down Gotta get some laughs Needa go downtown Try to remember That nothin' could ever Really be that bad These ain't the best times honey Still, they're not the worst I ever had