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Lock Me Up (Hurricane)

You're tellin' me To live my life without you I'd rather do the time Put me away for a hundred years If lovin' you is a crime I can take the torture I can take the pain But tryin' to fight this feelin' Will leave me nothing to gain I can live with hunger I can deal with doubt But doin' without your love Is somethin' I can't talk about You better lock me up And throw away the key You better lock me up If you takin' away your love from me You took my love And bound it up in shackles baby My heart is behind bars And more it seems My feelings are incarcerated I'm constantly on guard Grab the silver bullets Fetch a loaded gun You say that I'll get over it I'll give you twenty to one I'll be your Dr. Jekyll Till you turn me out But find yourself some cover The minute Mr. Hyde gets out Other Hurricane songs