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Next To You (Hurricane)

All the guys up and down the street They want to own you They walk with you Talk with you They'd like to rock with you baby They don't know you You like to keep 'em hangin' on a string Dancin' in your hand It doesn't matter what you do Baby I'm your man I'm gonna get next to you I'm gonna be where you are I'm goin' direct to you I'm gonna be ooh, ooh Oh next to you You like to think you got it all wired up And no can touch you When push comes to shove And your lookin' for love Baby no one Can do it like I do Every night before you go to sleep I'll be on your mind You can fight it But your heart's tellin' you this time You might think that I'm like all of the rest year But I'm so serious Stone cold serious You don't want to miss What you know is the best