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Smiles Like A Child (Hurricane)

Hips on the bar, lips on a cigarette She's the only kind of trouble I ain't had yet With her eyes of fire, looks of steel I can't believe that she's for real Liquid curves, from her head to her shoes Slamming down the doubles, like there's nothing to lose She comes on like a rolling train She blows on like a hurricane When she's on she's tough to tame But when she comes, She smiles like a child Smiles like a child, (She's driving me wild) Wild like a child, (Her eyes are on fire) Fire like a child, She smiles like a child Tattooed heart that say's ready for love Make you feel like you been hit from above She'll tell you a lie 'cause she wants to be bad Do to you things that'll drive you mad A slam, bang ride, like you never had But when she comes, She smiles like a child