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Occident Sun (Cruadalach)

Tradition is like a light in the vault of time The red thread is shifting through Aeons Indestructible voice of fucking truth is whispering again and again that memories… are our future! From the East is closing caravan Through crimson sands upon the sign of lion Air is filled by spice of Orient (From) Agharta seeking for purity Wisdom is coming (with its blinding glare) Bright like eye of God (Magic eternal sun) It shines (and washes away all dark) Dawn of gulden age! All corners of the world Are rised to create a perfect sense Holy harmony of the space Occident sun! Dying west, horde of knights (marching on to retake) Tomb of God, Holy Land (to keep the sacred flame) Smell of blood, scream in air (broken sword, broken faith) Wisdom now dies in flames Death of the Glory!