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Europa (Rosetta)

Finally I’m coming home The satellites they guide me, around your moon, they take me in, and I’m shouting out. They take me in, and onto your shores. They take me there, and I’m crying out. Crying out to satellites to take me. Cry and I’ll be saved - no way out. Cry and I’ll have known, no way to live my life, another way. Europa lift me up and take me. The day of red light, pulls me out, from behind the sun, and on to your moon. The day of red light marks my way, The day of red light marks my own. It takes me there and on to your shores, the day of red light - marks my way. Take me out of your thoughts, I am home to the sky. On my way to Europa. Looking down. Never to be the light of day to you. Just to Europa. Crying out for home.