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Crazy Mixed Girl (Melody Thornton)

She once dated a boy named Lance Who's lies burnt a hole in his pants He told so many stories, hard to believe That he didn't have more tricky up in his sleeve Now one day the girl he tortured was abloom And she went to collect herself in his private bathroom Where she noticed for his toothbrush there were two Enraged, she blinked, shook her head A mini fit she then threw And she went to confront him, and then thought Instead of going to give him such a shock She should act in private, 'stead of losing all control So there she decided, that she dipped them shits in the toilet bowl So ladies, if theres a chance That this two timing loser could be your Lance L.A., New York, or anywhere theres sun Well theres a possibility that he could be the one Or better yet, if he goes to turn this off in a rush I would go and get myself a new toothbrush