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Digital Bitch (Black Sabbath cover) (Skullview)

She wears her leather just to satisfy She really throws it around There ain't one thing she can't afford to buy She's the richest bitch in town Her big fat daddy was a money machine He made a fortune from computers She's got more money than I've ever seen But she's a greedy emotional looter Keep away from the digital bitch Keep away from the digital bitch Keep away from the digital bitch She's so rich, the digital bitch She's got five rollers and a fine estate A big house up on the hill She throws parties just to celebrate Her life is just one enormous thrill She buys poor people just to have around She has a trophy for each lover The bitch is rich but baby pound for pound She's got a lot more to discover Maybe she could please me if I saw beneath her veil But she's just an imitation woman up for sale She got so famous that she's on TV She's got a professional smile But I switch over 'cos she ain't for me She disturbs me all the while She looks so happy but she's got it wrong She's always going faster She sings her life to such a different song She needs a loving and dominant master