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Failed Generation (The Wake)

As we're heading for the world-oblivion, gathering to same As we're waiting for the end that's surely making its way Underneath the skin there are splinters of dead men Pieces of dead souls which are heading towards dead-end If you stare to its eyes they look back And reflecting all its rage These are the eyes of the end Redeeming all that's left Exposing souls to the poison-mass the deadly choice of grace Waving goodbyes to eternity and passing by the grief The world is staring to eternal darkness and to the eyes of death Waving goodbyes to eternity and passing by the grief Slowly watch you die the suicidal mind of mine Nevermore to breath the same air When you are close to the ground and you see the falling star The final stage of my existing rage - of my distorted faith Staring towards utopia - Another dying breed My soul is pierced and the road is filled with hate Final sunset making its way