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Like A Fallen Angel (The Wake)

And so it goes the deadly game It never ends the squirrel-wheel of death is here Forcefeeded end when life begins It's planted in our skin too deep to be seen Like sickest revenge in this world we depend We suck life out of it Like blind leading the blind we head for the end Like machines of hate we breed death Again I flee from my realm The silent screams that I scream The pain is piercing my skin How can I wake from this dream How can I see tomorrow If I know my life is gone Shivering cold - insanity My life floats towards insanity So load your gun with empty shells Aim in the middle of eyes - Search for yourself Blind leading the blind We're at the end To see the tortured souls beyond eternal.. And so you flee from realm again So young, so pure, so soon it ends It ends.. Load your rage Aim for the head To see the tortured souls beyond eternal Leave the insanity Head for humanity We have said our final words again Again..