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Tuff Luff (The Unicorns)

Firstly, We lived in a crater where our eyes glowed We secrete leaders of secrecy Hello What do you picture makes a frame What you do everyday is the same Turn off the lights and shake your hips Let's make like a couplet, like 2 pairs of lips Pop goes the ceiling of routine Pop goes the feeling of sitting So blow your head on the turn of the fan Don't put another down payment on the oil of iran Can't you see i've got honourable mention Can't you see you've got no pension plan? It's time to decide, we make it or we die Hey nuclear war & a hotbed of trouble Make with the penance, repent on the double We're going down in smoke and flames We're going down and there's no one to blame So keep it cold in a cool dry place In a tucked away space Save it with the face Clean the egg, don't make me beg Save us